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DiPAR project

The DiPAR project will deliver an innovative medical device for the early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. The device comprises a custom-developed tablet computer and sensor pen, and accompanying software.
The technology will assist in diagnosing Parkinson's earlier than is currently possible, and in differentiating between neuro-motor impairments.


The DiPar project is a pan-European collaboration between the following partners. More information can be found by following the links.


Manus Neuro-Dynamica - lead project partner

                                                                        Newcastle, England

Dr Rutger Zietsma


Roles: Project instigation and co-ordination; Business Development; Exploitation/dissemination; Inventor, IP owner

Inotec FEG mbH                                           Markkleeberg, Germany

Mr Holger Runkewitz


Role: Manufacturing and sensor expertise

Pattern Expert                                                     Leipzig, Germany 

Dr Olaf Schroeder


Role: Bioinformatics and Decision Support System (DSS) expertise

Hispafuentes                                                              Madrid, Spain

Ms Silvana Szegianini


Role: Data communications expertise

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland             Tampere, Finland
Department for ICT for health and wellbeing


Professor Mark van Gils and team

Role: Signal processing methods expertise 

University Medical Centre                           Groningen, Netherlands

Professor Natasha Maurits and team


Role: Clinical Research and data analysis 

Fraunhofer Institute                                                          Germany

Institutes IPA, Stuttgart and IPMS, Dresden

Dr. Bernhard Budaker, Dr. Harald von Rosenberg, Mr. Bernhard Kleiner,    Mr. Florian Dennerlein, Dr. Heinrich Grueger and teams 


Role: Developing diagnostic system hardware and user interface

University of Glasgow                                        Glasgow, Scotland

Mr. John Watt and team


Role: Developing data communication network and protocols

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency ([FP7/2007-2013][FP7/2007-2011]) under grant agreement no. 262291.

DiPAR  Diagnosing Parkinson's Through Neuromuscular Function Evaluation

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